Agony is a troubling inclination frequently brought about by exceptional or harming improvements. The International Association for the Study of Pain's broadly utilized definition characterizes torment as "a disagreeable tactile and enthusiastic experience related with real or potential tissue harm, or portrayed as far as such harm"; in any case, because of it being an intricate, emotional wonder, characterizing torment has been a test. In medicinal finding, torment is viewed as a manifestation of a hidden condition.

Torment persuades the person to pull back from harming circumstances, to secure a harmed body part while it mends, and to keep away from comparative encounters later on. Most torment settle once the harmful upgrade is expelled and the body has recuperated, however it might continue in spite of evacuation of the improvement and clear mending of the body. At times torment emerges without any noticeable boost, harm or ailment.

Agony is the most well-known purpose behind doctor counsel in most created nations. It is a noteworthy side effect in numerous ailments, and can meddle with an individual's personal satisfaction and general working. Straightforward torment meds are helpful in 20% to 70% of cases. Mental factors, for example, social help, trancelike recommendation, energy, or diversion can altogether influence agony's force or repulsiveness.